OUR NEXT FELLOWSHIP MEAL  with soups and salads is scheduled for next Saturday, so please plan to bring a bowl of your favorite soup or salad and plan to stay for fellowship with your church family.  

BIBLE MARKING CLASS  continues after church services on Sabbath afternoons at about 2 PM.  Learn the easy way to give Bible studies to anyone.

THERE WILL BE A YOUTH MEETING  here at our church at 6:30 tonight and that will be followed by a game night.

THE ADVENTIST ACADEMY STUDENTS WILL PRESENT A PROGRAM  of the season this coming Wednesday, December 12, at 6:30 pm at the Marcy Park Church.  It will be called “Chris-Myth Busters” and all church members in Santa Fe are invited to attend.

PASTOR ARRAISand his family plan to arrive in Santa Fe in a week or so and he will have his first speaking appointment at our church at a special church service for the holiday season on December 22.  That’s two weeks from today.  Our hospitality team would like to serve hot chocolate and cookies after the church service—if you can help with home-made or even store-bought cookies, it would be appreciated. 

CHURCH MEMBERS FROM RANCHO VIEJO AND RABBIT ROAD  are invited to come welcome our new pastor and his family at 4 pm on Saturday afternoon, December 22, here at the church.  That’s two weeks from today at 4 in the afternoon.

THANKS FOR REMEMBERING THE PROJECT TO RELOCATE OUR CHURCH SCHOOL.  The fund has been growing slowly but we ask that you keep it in your prayers and giving plans.  There will be a school board meeting this coming Monday night at 7 at the school and if you would like to know more about this project, you are welcome to attend. That meeting will be at the school this coming Monday night, 7 pm.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT BIBLE STUDY: Come join in an inspirational hour at 6:30 pm.

THE NEXT CHURCH BOARD MEETING  is scheduled for this coming Tuesday, December 11, 6:30 pm. Agenda items may be sent to

THE SANTA FE ADVENTIST CHURCHES ARE ASKED TO PROVIDE MEALS FOR THE HOMELESS  on March 24-30 and April 23-27 at Pete’s Place., the city’s homeless shelter.

THE SDA NORTH AMERICAN DIVISION WILL HOLD ITS NATIONAL FAMILY LIFE CONFERENCE AT THE ALBUQUERQUE CONVENTION CENTER  on January 13-16.  If you want to participate or desire more information just put “SDA North American Convention Albuquerque” in your search engine.